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Printing and writing paper or wood-free Uncoated paper, also known as offset paper, is available in many different grammages and often in different colors. The lower grammages of this grade are ideal for fine book printing such as Holy Books, while 75 and 80 GSM are the ideal grammage for office printing and writing papers, including A4 copy paper. Higher grammage wood-free uncoated products are often used for various boards and packaging goods, and for promotional items including business cards. The brightness of wood-free uncoated can range from 90% to 110% and the most common end uses are for office printing and writing papers, books, stationary and promotional items.

Uncoated wood-free is made of 100% bleached fiber and best for general printing and writing application. It provides good surface, better optical properties: brightness and whiteness, strength and formation properties.

Wood-free uncoated papers are of high quality and have a natural look and feel. The properties are good strength, high brightness and good archival characteristics. They provide a non-glare surface suitable for reading and writing.

Uncoated fine papers are a large group of machine finished or super-calendared paper grades used for a multitude of print jobs such as advertising materials, books, maps and office papers. WFU papers are available in a wide range of basis weights, stretching from very low basis weights to near cardboard grades.

– Suitable for offset printing (high speed web offset and sheet-fed)
– Quick ink drying time
– Good brightness
– Excellent opacity for better both side printing
– Excellent printability and run ability for luxurious color printing results

Office printing and writing papers, books, stationary, magazines, premium publishing, tabloids, brochures, flyers, prospectus, company profile, poster, etc.

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