Vision & Mission


International Trust Company (ITC) is a group of sister Trading companies that has been specialized in supplying raw materials as well as finished products in the field of paper, packaging, and publishing industries. The backbone of our company has been formed by a family business more than 3 decades ago and developed into new partners during its life.
we are supplying raw materials used in packaging and publishing factories from a wide range of paper& board grades to related chemicals from well-known manufactures. In parallel exporting the final Box, cartons, and printing materials produced by contractual publishing and packaging manufacturers to our big potential end user’s market.
In fact, the strategy in ITC is not only supervising the competitive advantage of every unique raw material collected from different parts of the world but also, supervising cost nominalization solutions in production, logistics, and export processes at the final delivery.
Our business created more added value by managing the cycle of raw material collections to finished product delivery.
Our main products:

Raw materials                       Box and cartons
– Gray/white back duplex board
– F.B.B (Folding Boarding Box or Ivory board)
–  Art Paper
– Wood free uncoated paper
– Copy paper
– KLB (Kraft Liner Board)
– WTL (White top Liner Board)
– TLB (Test Liner Board)
– Fluting paper
– Thermal paper
– OCC (Old Corrugated containers)
– Pulp
– Paperboard packaging
– Medical & Pharma
– Health & Beauty
-Gourmet food and confections
– Printed, laminated Folding cartons
– Rigid boxes
– Corrugated and fiberboard boxes
– Label
– wrapping paper 

We have been able to take a significantly large market share in the USA, Europe, CIS region, Middle East, and Arab countries.
Our team is constantly being trained and updated with the required knowledge. We are enjoying from latest ICT technologies and ERP software platforms to overcome the spatial limits and gather highly qualified and well-coordinated team members working together globally and engage to advance the sustainable company development goals.
Pursuit of excellence as All above leads to sense of Trust and smooth-running business to our suppliers and customers in a well-made mutual profit making cycle.