Grey Back Duplex Board

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Duplex board is mainly made out of recycled papers, saving resources and conserving the environment. This paper is produced using two layers of fibers – a bleached and coated layer on the top and an unbleached uncoated fiber on the reverse. Duplex is commonly used in non-direct contact food packaging such as cereal boxes, household good packaging and electronic packaging.

Coated Duplex Board with Grey back
This product is excellent in printing and coating aptitude. Also post-processing aptitude such as die cutting and foldable usage is excellent which heightens printing utility and productivity. Middle and back layer uses waste paper for environmental consideration.

Use: products such as confectioneries, foods, medicines, tissue box, agricultural wrappings etc.

Uncoated Duplex Board with Gray back
Its structure is equal to duplex board with Gray Back but the surface is not coated. Uncoated duplex board with gray back is used in prints below 4 degrees.

Use: low-temp prints, clothing fixture, shopping bag bottom, album paper, inner boxes and paper ad-on etc.

Key performance:

  • Consistent quality
  • High stiffness, excellent printability
  • No deformation, no picking in full page printing
  • Good folding strength property, no crack after corrugated lamination

180 ~ 500 g/㎡

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