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Copy Paper / Office Communication

Cut size papers /A4 paper/ Copier paper/ Printer paper (wood-free uncoated)
A paper trimmed to a small standard size (commonly 8H x 11, and up to and including 11 x 17) for printing, copying, or other purposes. There are cut sizes in 70gsm to 90 GSM with various levels of brightness starting at 90%. A4 copier paper’s most common end uses are for stationary and office uses.
The use of cut size papers has increased the world over. Cut size paper must run faultlessly through the printer without curling or jamming. Excellent dimensional stability is required for the best runnability in duplex printing. Cut size papers are used in high-speed laser printers and copiers in data centers as well as on desk top lasers and inkjet printers in small offices and homes. Cut size papers range from standard black and white laser printing or copying paper, to color laser or color inkjet printing paper.

70 ~ 90 g/㎡

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