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While all kraft paper is produced using the Kraft process, small variations can greatly affect the end product. For example, kraft paper made from virgin pulp is very high strength with a high tear resistance level and best used for heavy duty applications or Kraft paper made from recycled material has a lower strength and tear resistance level but is still suitable for heavy duty packaging applications and is more environmentally friendly.

All kraft papers can be natural shade or bleached; natural shade paper is heavier duty as bleaching decreases the papers strength, however bleached paper has improved printability due to the smooth surface. Kraft paper can also be classified as MG (machine glazed) or MF (machine – finished) which refers to the finish of the paper in production; MF is machine finished and MG is machine glazed.

Bag Kraft -used to produce bags for shopping purposes.

Sack Kraft -Heavy duty industrial bags are produced using sack kraft. This paper is made of basis weight ranging from 50 GSM to 130 GSM which is converted into products like grocery and retail bags, multi-wall shipping sacks and specialty papers. It is made of softwood kraft pulp, which imparts a high degree of strength to the paper due to the long fibers.

Flat – sack /Sack kraft used in bags and sacks is made of various basis weights depending on the bag strength required. Bags designed to hold less than 10 pounds are made of lighter weight paper with basis weight of 60 GSM or less, while those required for grocery bags are made of basis weight which range from 65 GSM to 130 GSM

Multi – wall shipping sacks – typically used several plies of 70 to 90 GSM of high strength extensible sack Kraft. This paper is engineered to provide higher tensile strength to carry up to 50 kg of products such as cement and chemical.

Specialty Paper – made from various basis weight depending on the final application of the product. Specialty paper end users include food wraps where paper is laminated or glued to plastics, tape or label release base paper or as insulation.

Kraft Liner Board (KLB) – this high grammage, high strength Kraft is used to produce boxes particularly in the food industry where boxes are kept in moist conditions.

Waxed Kraft Paper – coated with a thin layer of wax, this paper is widely used in the food industry for wrapping deli cold meats and cheeses for example. The wax coating on the Kraft gives the paper an additional grease and moisture barrier

PE Coated Kraft Paper – this Kraft paper is typically used in the fast food industry as a tray liner. The PE coating provides a more durable grease and moisture barrier to the paper.

Greaseproof Paper – this paper has a high heat, oil and grease resistance and is used in cooking and baking.

40 ~ 450 g/m2.

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