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Linerboard is a general term for describing heavyweight grades of paper used primarily in the construction of corrugated containers. Linerboard is used as flat facing material on the inner and outer portions of a corrugated medium (fluting) which are combined to a rigid board commonly called containerboard.

White top linerboard / Kraft linerboard: it is classified as being made with no less than 80 % virgin pulp. This high grammage, high strength kraft is used to produce boxes particularly in the food industry where boxes are kept in moist conditions.

Recycled linerboard /test liner: exceeds 20 % recycled fiber composition and is used as a raw material in the production of corrugated cardboard, it is used for manufacturing internal and external layers of corrugated cardboard, between which there is a shock-absorbing fluted medium made of fluting

140 – 350 GSM.

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